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Picky Barista NYC

Family-owned, cozy and hip coffee shop with a European vibe

Coffee Bar

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Picky Barista Coffee Shop

Adorably decorated with delicious homemade pastries and amazing espresso. Their iced latte is incredible! My new regular spot for cozy coffee shop recharging.

Olivia Wiles

Lovely small business, great Balkan pastries and coffee. My new go to place in the neighborhood.

angela nicole rodriguez

Delicious drinks and pastries, friendly staff, gorgeous decor, and a chill atmosphere. What more could you want in a cafe?

Luisa Wall

Our Story

Picky Barista was born out of a long-awaited dream and over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Dragan’s passion for coffee, good service, and the 1920’s era all blended to create Picky Barista, where the coffee is strong, the hospitality is outstanding, and the picky hats are a staple. We proudly serve Stumptown coffee in a colorful, comfortable ambiance.

espresso machine

Espresso Machine

After careful research for a high-quality espresso machine, we selected the Slayer Steam, which is hand-assembled in Seattle. Slayer designs and manufactures professional espresso machines for a discerning global clientele. They have been provoking innovation in coffee and elevating the worldwide standard for specialty. Our espresso shots come out with the perfect amount of crema.

Coffee Cup Peaky Barista

Coffee Cups

We wanted a colorful and sturdy selection of coffee cups to serve our drinks in. After an extensive search, we found hand-crafted mugs created in Hong Kong and shipped directly to Picky Barista in a variety of fun colors.

Coffee maker

The Coffee

We proudly use Stumptown Coffee Roasters, which originated in Portland, Oregon. Their coffee is strong, creamy, and serves a purpose with every sip. We selected them because they source directly from coffee producers all around the world, and they strive for sustainability both environmentally and in fair treatment of their producers.