Our Story

Dragan Bulic is the Picky Barista

Welcome to Picky Barista. We are a family-owned café & espresso bar on the Upper West Side. Owned and operated by Dragan Bulic, who arrived from Serbia to the U.S. in 2008, Picky Barista was born out of a long-awaited dream and over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Dragan’s passion for coffee, good service, and the 1920’s era all blended to create Picky Barista, where the coffee is strong, the hospitality is outstanding, and the peaky hats are a staple. We proudly serve Stumptown coffee in a colorful, comfortable ambiance.

Coffee by the order of the Picky Barista

Our signature yellow couch offers the best seat in the house, while the various plants, books, and handmade wooden tables add a hip and cozy touch. All of our pastries are homemade on premises and are inspired by the recipes of Mama Bulic, who also helps out in the kitchen. Coming from Serbia, you will notice a big Balkan influence in our menu. Allow yourself to be transported to that magical land with our Balkan coffee, our burek, or our baklava. We live by the mantra “Coffee is always a good idea,” and think you will too after you relax and unwind with a tasty beverage and pastry at Picky Barista coffee shop.